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Praying for Rain

“April showers bring May flowers.” When I was growing up in Maryland, this little bit of a rhyme was doubly true. March and April were rainy months, and flowers started blooming in earnest in May. Out here in California we … Continue reading

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New Pictures of Leadership: Humble Service (Acts 27-28)

It was the kind of cold that hurt.  Crawling out of the surf only made it worse.  The ocean had been a balmy sixty-eight degrees, but the air temperature was in the low fifties.  Even that wouldn’t have been so … Continue reading

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Run Like an Ostrich

Are you okay with how God made you?  As both a pastor, and a coach (not to mention as an individual), rarely a day goes by when I don’t see someone struggling with feeling inadequate or inferior in light of how … Continue reading

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Love Does Not Envy

There are two words in the language of the New Testament that can be translated by our English word “envy.” One is always used in the negative sense – it means to begrudge someone their success and want to take away what … Continue reading

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Love is Kind

“Love,” Sinatra and others tell us, “is a many-splendored thing.”  I think this captures much of the Hallmark sense of what love is: love is made up of many splendid virtues and attitudes.  If you think back to the Valentine’s … Continue reading

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Poetic Advice on Arguing Well

We live in fractious times.  There seems to be no end to the scornful and snarky memes, disrespectful dialogue, and ad hominem attacks that are thrown about in rants that concern everything from politics to… theology?  Yes, sadly, even followers … Continue reading

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