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No More Costume Parties!

This month churches all across America will have costume parties for kids. Whether they are called “Fall Harvest Festivals” or “Reformation Day Parties,” kids will show up in fellowship halls from here to Maine dressed up as little ninjas, superheroes, … Continue reading

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How Big Are Your Ears?

Having ears that are both a bit larger than average and happen to be perpendicular to the sides of my head, that is a fun question to type! The physical size of your or my ears, however, is unfortunately not … Continue reading

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Love Is Not Proud

Pride is like patience in at least one way: both can be either good or bad. Patience in waiting for a guard to move so you can rob a bank is a bad thing. Patience in helping your child learn … Continue reading

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Faith and Works: Ancient Advice on a Modern Confusion

“All sensible people, not to mention Christians, should watch with the greatest care what they say, lest their tongue get ahead of their mind and babble forth before they have organized their thoughts.”[1] Urbanus Rhegius, 1535 Lately I have been … Continue reading

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The Laughter of Whales

I have lived just miles from the Pacific Ocean for eight years now, but I have never seen a whale. It is on my bucket list though! I am particularly interested in observing whales breaching – an instance of cetacean behavior … Continue reading

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Love Does Not Boast

To “boast” has a fairly specific meaning in our English language. It means, “to speak with excessive pride about one’s own accomplishments, talents, or possessions.” It does not take a Bible scholar to know that love does not do those … Continue reading

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