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God’s First Gift?

Time for a theology pop quiz!  Question one: What was the first thing we are told God gave to man in the book of Genesis?  Fortunately, there is just this one question.  Unfortunately, given the fact that most of you … Continue reading

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Even Asaph: Real Christians Suffer Too!

Recently a woman wrote to me in response to a radio show and shared a thought that I have heard many times from many people: “As a Christian I have felt so guilty about not having enough faith in God.” The … Continue reading

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Grandparents’ Bibles

I have inherited two books that I consider priceless. One is an old, black, leather bound King James’ Bible embossed on the front cover with the name Margaret Egstad. On the presentation page it notes that it was given to … Continue reading

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A Kind Word

From time to time we all struggle with anxiety.  By anxiety I don’t just mean the clinical diagnosis as defined by the American Medical Association.  I mean the everyday anxiety, the fears and cares that give us heavy hearts when … Continue reading

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Historical Perspectives on Worship Wars: “A Patent Thing A-Squealin’ Over Me!”

I am the very worst sort of bibliophile. I will not only judge, but will even buy a book based upon its cover. During my early twenties – when I was a young, poor grad student (who nonetheless had more … Continue reading

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