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The Boundaries of Knowledge

We all spend much of our lives attempting to discover, move, accommodate, or ignore boundaries.  Toddlers want to see how many times Daddy will pick the spoon up off the floor.  Children wait to see what will happen if they … Continue reading

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Love Is Not Rude

  I wonder if we as a culture have forgotten what rudeness is.  Fortunately for us, Wikipedia remembers! Rudeness (also called impudence or effrontery) is a display of disrespect by not complying with the social norms or etiquette of a group or culture. These laws have … Continue reading

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What Makes a Sermon Great? Lavater’s Answer

Several years ago I reached a point at which I can now say that I have been a preacher for over half of my life.  At the age of nineteen I preached my first sermon at a Sunday night revival … Continue reading

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The Importance of Christmas – In a World of Terror

Martin Luther is remembered for his sometimes quaint but often penetrating dinner table anecdotes and maxims.  One of the things his students recalled him saying frequently was, “Et multiplicata sunt mala in terris” – “And evils were multiplied in the … Continue reading

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