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A Christmas Witness

Thanksgiving is gone and Advent is upon us!  Our friends are posting pictures of their decked halls and illuminated houses on Facebook.  We can now listen to our Christmas Carols and holiday jingles with abandon.   But do we have a … Continue reading

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A Tenth Century English Christmas

This past Spring I stumbled across a great find in my good friend’s used bookshop.  It was a well-worn, expertly highlighted edition of Jackson Campbell’s highly regarded translation of the Advent antiphons from the Exeter Book.[1]  Intending to read it this … Continue reading

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Spiritual Gifts

Well, Thanksgiving is over and now we are beginning our cultural obsession with… gifts.  We are making lists of what we will give to whom. Or perhaps, and even tougher as we grow older, we have been asked to come … Continue reading

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The Importance of Christmas – In a World of Terror

Martin Luther is remembered for his sometimes quaint but often penetrating dinner table anecdotes and maxims.  One of the things his students recalled him saying frequently was, “Et multiplicata sunt mala in terris” – “And evils were multiplied in the … Continue reading

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