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Blessings in Worse Waters

The biblical account of Naaman and his encounter with God has always intrigued me.  Everything that we know about this once great and powerful man can be read in 2 Kings chapter five – take a moment to read it!  … Continue reading

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The Representative Christian

During times of socio-political angst, Christians are often perplexed about how to participate in a secular culture.  Whatever we do, or any segment of society for that matter, participation can be challenging.  We are sometimes caricatured as  SNL’s “Church Lady” or, more viciously, … Continue reading

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What Are You Looking At? The Problem of Porn

“What are you looking at?”  Have you ever found yourself just staring off into nothingness and had someone interrupt your reverie with this question?  Maybe they are curious about what has so focused your attention.  Maybe they are offended because … Continue reading

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Being Evangelical in a Post-Christian Culture: the Biblical Advice of J. Wilbur Chapman, Part One

Recently I read a book in which the author, after noting the failure to reach the next generation for Christ, the presence of increasing socio-economic difficulties, and the theological confusion and turmoil among Christians, said that “The need is great today, … Continue reading

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The Importance of Christmas – In a World of Terror

Martin Luther is remembered for his sometimes quaint but often penetrating dinner table anecdotes and maxims.  One of the things his students recalled him saying frequently was, “Et multiplicata sunt mala in terris” – “And evils were multiplied in the … Continue reading

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Clones, Droids, and Sith – Oh My!

  This December, many wonderful things are happening.  A week ago my son Timmy turned thirteen years old, two days later my daughter Maggie turned fifteen.  As a church, we will be celebrating the birth of our Savior with our … Continue reading

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Historical Perspectives on Worship Wars: “A Patent Thing A-Squealin’ Over Me!”

I am the very worst sort of bibliophile. I will not only judge, but will even buy a book based upon its cover. During my early twenties – when I was a young, poor grad student (who nonetheless had more … Continue reading

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Love Does Not Envy

There are two words in the language of the New Testament that can be translated by our English word “envy.” One is always used in the negative sense – it means to begrudge someone their success and want to take away what … Continue reading

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Poetic Advice on Arguing Well

We live in fractious times.  There seems to be no end to the scornful and snarky memes, disrespectful dialogue, and ad hominem attacks that are thrown about in rants that concern everything from politics to… theology?  Yes, sadly, even followers … Continue reading

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