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Spitting, Whistling, And Drinking Soda from a Can

Have you ever felt that your prayer requests were too trivial?  That somehow God would be offended if you brought unimportant matters to his attention? Over the course of my ministry, I have met with a number of folks who … Continue reading

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An Audacious Prayer: Psalm 126:4

As those of you who subscribe to this blog – and others who read it regularly may have noticed, I have not been writing much lately.  As a matter of fact, beyond my basic pastoral duties I have really not … Continue reading

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Praying for Rain

“April showers bring May flowers.” When I was growing up in Maryland, this little bit of a rhyme was doubly true. March and April were rainy months, and flowers started blooming in earnest in May. Out here in California we … Continue reading

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Decisions to Make? Ask God!

There is a verse in the book of Joshua that gives us an apt, though sad summary of much trouble that we bring into our own lives. In Joshua 9, we read about what has been called the “Gibeonite deception.” … Continue reading

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