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Raspberry Cookies and the Baby Smile Nasal Aspirator

Having been in the hospital for the better part of a week, there were two things that made me nervous about coming home.  The first was the actual ride home.  Part of the surgery had involved cutting through some of … Continue reading

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An Audacious Prayer: Psalm 126:4

As those of you who subscribe to this blog – and others who read it regularly may have noticed, I have not been writing much lately.  As a matter of fact, beyond my basic pastoral duties I have really not … Continue reading

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For My Friends in Low Places: Asaph’s Psalms, Part One

Like Garth Brooks, I have friends in low places.  I suspect that you do as well.  We all know people who have health problems, relational struggles, are coping with personal tragedies…  As a pastor, I have found that the questions … Continue reading

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Even Asaph: Real Christians Suffer Too!

Recently a woman wrote to me in response to a radio show and shared a thought that I have heard many times from many people: “As a Christian I have felt so guilty about not having enough faith in God.” The … Continue reading

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