Radio Shows with Joni Eareckson Tada

Thousand Oaks Acorn Article

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  1. Wendy Stous says:


    This is great… you will see me here. The “decisions to make” blog was right up my alley. You don’t know this but last year I received my bachelors in psychology and with so much praying for the sign to go on to my Masters at my age…. I started my Master in Counseling 5 weeks ago. I have put aside the comments about my age and things like “you will graduate and be able to retire the same year” aside and have moved forward and feel blessed by God in my endeavor.
    As always I feel bless that you are still part of my life even though you are no longer my Pastor I feel blessed to still call you my friend.


    • Bob Bjerkaas says:

      You and David are dear friends and I think of you often! Please give my very best regards to Bill and Bonnie!

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